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At MSC Active we are able to provide and open, friendly environment where you can come, train and get the results you want.

The team have put together a timetable of classes that will do the following:

Challenge you, whatever your fitness level.


At MSC we train a variety of clients with different needs from beginners all the way up to the elite. Everyone trains side by side and gets each other through each and every session.

Change you.  


Our Fitness team have put together classes like no other in the area. We don’t offer traditional. We don’t do choreography or moves that will confuse you. We do however help you transform.

Here at MSC we use effective, efficient and fun training. We give YOU the tools to be the best YOU can be!


The foundation of our classes is based on strength work. We run an 8 week programme within our classes and at the start and finish of each 8 week block to use a testing system to see how much fitter and stronger you have become. This is an ongoing process.


On our timetable you will find traditional classes such as YOGA, PILATES, Kettlercise, Legs, Bums and Tums and other recognisable classes.

All of our team are Personal Trainers that teach at MSC.  As well as the traditional classes we have also put together classes that no one else teaches within the area.


Team Training Steel, Spear and Spike are our brand new flagship classes. These are run three times a week and are in the gym. Again, within these classes we use weights as a big part of the class. We look after people who have never lifted weights before and need help on technique, right up to the advanced lifters who are looking to push through their next weight barrier.


This is all taught in a non-intimidating environment.




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